…a Believer

I have never been an advocate of therapy but my best friemd recommended I try somatic therapy to try and address my physical issues that stem from trauma.  I went to Leanne for this therapy as a skeptic and I came out a believer.
After my first session my pain had moved and lessened and I had never had any kind of relief prior or any hope of change.  I now believe I have a chance at less pain if not complete relief of pain due to trauma.  Leanne is exceptional at what she does and I highly recommend her somatic therapy especially to those of you who think therapy doesn’t work or won’t work.  It works well and Leanne is good at what she does.

No Matter What…

No Matter What, Leanne is there to help you sort out the confusion of the services that can help change your life. Not only does Leanne explain trauma and how it is affecting your brain and your life; she cares about how you are coping and gives you strategizes to evolve through the trauma. Then she encourages you to grieve the changes you didn’t ask for. KT

“All her prep helped us come to a conclusion…that avoided court…”

“So glad I was able to connect with Leanne and have her come help me with the millions of questions I had about my divorce and what to expect in court/mediation. She was able to help me organize my thoughts/wants and clearly display them in an order she drafted up. I then used this to sit down with my ex and calmly discuss all the points we would be going over in mediation. All her prep helped us come to a final conclusion in mediation and avoid costly/timely court appearances. Thanks so much Leanne!” BN.

“A fighter for my brother’s rights”

“Leanne was always compassionate towards my brother who had a traumatic brain injury. She helped him find his passion for photography and he began to believe in himself again. We are so grateful for her support, clarity and her help to navigate the disability systems at all government levels in order to get the best possible care for my brother. We will always be grateful.” BR

“My Guardian Angel”

“Leanne is a guardian angel, she saw me for who I was, never judging me only supporting me back to being the real me. Thank you for all that you do.” PB