Mediation & Divorce Support

I have found over the course of my practice that some of my clients wish to have support surrounding separate/divorce but they lack the support to navigate the systems.

My clients want to understand the following;

  1. About self directed divorces vs. lawyers, court mediation and interventions (I will always recommend that you consult with a lawyer to ensure your best interests are being met).
  2. How to work with an ex about the impact of a separation,  what that means to your children, and how to talk to them about it. This can include but not limited to, discussing the separation, how to remain respectful of your ex if/while you continue to reside in the same house, and about access.
  3. Separation Courses you can take and the concerns and pitfalls surrounding Parental Alienation. We will work together to explore the areas of concerns that you have and allow you to hear each other’s perspective with the children’s needs at heart.
  4. How to be co-parents together for the rest of your lives. Learn how to work more cooperatively as a separated couple and reduce the pain and hurt that often resides around divorces.

Together, we can consider the areas that you and your ex can agree upon. Together, you may decide that you would like to create draft a voluntary mediation agreement. With this agreement, you both can bring this document to your respective lawyers to help you address the legal implications.

The more we work together regarding your relationship with your ex,  grow your respect for each other; the more common ground we can build;  the more understanding we can create; then better the outcome will be.

I will discuss and help you understand the free legal options and supports that are out there that can help guide you and your ex in creating your own separation agreement.  Although you must write the document yourself, I can help guild you through some of the considerations, and then you can consult with a lawyer before you sign, so that all your legal implications have been reviewed and protected.

Since I am not a lawyer, I will not agree to help you in any of these endeavours without your written agreement to seek legal counsel. This is so your legal needs are addressed.

The more you can settle on a plan with your ex, the less court room time you will have and the more money you will save. All of these strategies will help you reduce the amount of court visits you will make in the years to come as the children age.

Give me call, and let’s get this started.

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