Family Therapy

Appreciating the helping hand of his friends
Close-up of a devastated young man holding his head in his hands and a group of friends in a supportive pose around him

I am able to provide Family Therapy with an Attachment lens which will focus on Integrative Attachment Trauma Focused Therapy. This will include EMDR with both the primary caregiver and child/teenager.

The family must commit to a year of therapy, 2 times a week between 1-2 hours each session.  We will work on improving and encouraging positive parenting techniques and exploring attachment and trauma work and how that impacts each of the family members.  It is very intensive and very rewarding work.

Look forward to a lifetime of connectedness with your family members. It will be a nurturing experience which will improve relationships for a lifetime.


Stone with the word Hope in the woman's palms
Stone with the word Hope in the woman’s palms. Black and White. Close up.
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