Power and Control Wheel

This is not limited to heterosexual relationships, also in homosexual relationships as well. It is evident in all types of relationships. 

Your Thoughts…

November 2020 – We sought  couple’s therapy with Leanne after the disclosure of an affair and our marriage was in dire straits.  Leanne’s approach was an honest and insightful look into the breakdown of our relationship and the trauma that surrounded it.  Her counselling gave us the tools to find our self worth both as individuals and as a couple and we are forever grateful to her for helping us open up the lines of  honest communication  within our marriage. 

EK and MK


March 21 It’s funny how people enter your life at just the right time and for me it was when I met Leanne. I was at a point I couldn’t breath or think straight. Then I was told to give her a call and BOY was I glad I did. Because of you, My LIFE is back on track and I laugh again. I firmly believe that you are an Angel that comes in and sets us right again.



I chose you as my therapist because when I get stuck in a negative spiral, you smack me upside the head…



Choosing to seek mental health care like individual counseling and family therapy mental health counseling (with family therapists) means you’re finally prioritizing your own health and well-being. Mustering up the courage to begin finding a therapist is no easy task. I would recommend Shifting Perceptions to anyone seeking help for PTSD assault or any mental health issues. Taking part in CPT therapy sessions with a licensed therapist like Leanne was and is something I have benefited from and everyone can benefit from. The skill level as a Masters level therapist, and her vast knowledge in a variety of therapy styles has made it a lot more comfortable and easy for me to relax and get what I need to start healing and feeling better. I highly recommend exploring EMDR, Soumatic and CPT therapy with Leanne and Shifting Perceptions as more long term tools to help bring forth, recognize and promote healing in your life. PTSD is a major issue for a lot of us who have been assaulted and these tools help over time. Learning the differences between therapies and finding a therapist who genuinely cares and will help you find what works for you and your healing using different approaches is so important for you to get the best results like I have. I must say again I highly recommend Shifting Perceptions for the best care, quality and variety of therapy to allow for the best healing process possible. Thank you Leanne for all you have done to help me.