Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy is a style of therapy that honours and welcomes the expression of powerful body responses that occur when the body has under gone a trauma.

Through looking at the body’s responses to trauma and incorporating the thoughts at a later time, it allows the body to discharge the extra energy that seems to course through the body. Do not be afraid of what comes up in Somatic therapy. In little doses we will explore your body’s response to trauma so that eventually your bodily responses to similar challenges or triggers of the trauma will lessen and you will gain back the control of yourself and with it a profound wisdom of your inner strength that honours your body’s sensations instead of ignoring them, which is what society has initially taught us to do.

So often my clients say, that they have a lump in their throats, a massive weight on their chests, they startle at the smallest sounds, they can stand to be touched or they gag at certain smells. We can not create a garden of healing, without honouring our body’s responses to trauma, in a supported way that allows  the Body to release the pain in small steps.

I have had clients, shake, from their hands to their entire bodies – discharging pent up energy; scream, shout, and punch to discharge rage.  I’ve had clients repeatedly cough out their pain; and many who retch and vomit up the trauma that they were forced to endure.

Together after we have allowed the body to discharge as much of the pain as the body is wiling to explore; then we can map out more supportive cognitive approaches to helping you heal. But wisdom you will find in your body will surprise and amaze you. These two kinds of therapy go hand in hand to create true tranquility and a more positive outlook on your personal endurance and strength.


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