Mediation/Court Prep

I have found over the course of my practice that people who are wanting to separate/divorce from their spouses but they lack the knowledge needed to navigate the legal system.

My clients want to understand the following;

  1. how the court system works
  2. how to avoid expensive lawyers and legal fees
  3. how to work collaboratively with their spouses to create a child support/spousal agreements together; so that they can bring a document to a lawyer for review and save money
  4. how to avoid pitfalls in the divorce arena but do a majority of the work themselves.
  5. to how to work more cooperatively as co-parents instead of battling it out in Family Courtrooms.

I have worked with many individuals, and couples to craft up Child Support, Spousal support agreements, and court documents  (Notice of Applications, Responses, and Affidavits etc.). Then you can bring those documents to a lawyer for review.

Since I am not a lawyer, I will not agree to help you in this legal endeavor without your written agreement to seek legal counsel on a consulting basis (at minimum) to help you ensure that your legal needs are addressed.

I can provide information on the free legal options you may be eligible to use and this will save you in more legal costs.  With my help, you can bring a draft document to a lawyer that already is mostly complete, and this will save you $1000’s in the long run.

Give me call, and let’s get this started.


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