Drug Facilated Rape

When a Woman says No, She Means It
When a woman says no, she means no. Use this image to help stop violence against women!

Things to know about Rape in the Vancouver Lower Mainland:

  • You may not know that you have been drugged. You might think you are going crazy due to the hallicination, delusions and other effects of a drug you did not willing take. That is terrifying and very real.
  • Your brain may not ask for help, even it there are people around you because you are being taken over by the drugs. You are like a fly in a spider web. Caught and trapped, and you might not be able to do anything about it.
  • The most important thing – you survived the attack. That makes you a hero.
  • If there is a shadow of belief that you might have been drugged. Go to hospital immediately because later, if you want to charge your attacker, you only have about 3 hours max to get the drug to show up in your urine…They say 72 hours in the literature, but that amount depends upon the way that bodies metabolize drugs. So the quicker the better… I know it’s terrifying. I know you just want to sleep and forget that it even happened…but you might regret not going to hospital if you wait.
  • There are only 2 hospitals in the Vancouver Lower Mainland that will complete the SANE reports (medical exams). Surrey Memorial and Vancouver General Hospital.
  • Please for the sake of all the women that may come after you (believe me, if he did it to you, he’ll do it again), get to hospital ASAP and just get the test done.
  • If you chose to get the SANE exam. You don’t have to call 911 immediately. The hospital can hold your sample up to 2 years. You can report the crime to the police later, and have your samples used within that 2 year span of time.
  • Many women don’t go to hospital because they are too traumatized about the rape, to report it. Its completely understandable that women will want to force the event out of their minds. To ignore that their bodies have DNA on them that can be helpful in stopping the criminal. It might be easier to just go pee, or to have a shower, or to throw out the evidence. Think carefully, you aren’t thinking straight right now…place the clothing etc in a paper bag and place it in your closet – insist that the police take the evidence if you decide to report it.
  • The report to the police, can be very jarring. Being interrogated is part of their protocol (its not like the TV shows). Have a friend be there with you.
  • The police can and may take years and years to investigate your allegations. It takes patience and diligence to make sure that they stay on top of your case, if you want to them to prosecute. Don’t stop believing in your power to stop your attacker (if you have chosen to report it).
  • This is a marathon, not just getting through the trauma of the attack, but the court system as well.
  • However, if you are that brave, all women will thank you for protecting your children, sisters, mothers, grandmothers and future generations.
  • Sexual abuse must stop. Its time for the movement to take root and spread until the attackers (most often men) stop. They need help and the court system is the way to do that.
  • WAVAW (provides outreach workers, and support groups); CVAP (may have money to support victims fund therapy); and Victim Services (can help orient victims to the practical court matters and procedures).
  • I can help you with all these services and provide you with a pathway through this maze of confusion should you decide to get some therapy for your trauma.

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